ShiVaSmiles 1.0: first stable release !

This week-end one of my software pet project reached its first stable version.

ShiVaSmiles -- that's its name, and if you find it crappy, have a look at its logo ;) -- is an image visualizer whose functionality have voluntarily been kept to the minimum in order to help its users to play easily with some pattern analysis concepts.

In this 1.0 version ShiVaSmiles makes it possible to experiment with tools based on Fourier transform (correlation and filtering with Tukey window) and those coming from Mathematical Morphology (opening and granulometry).

It is currently available on Linux (especially Ubuntu 12.04 32 and 64 bits) and Windows (thanks to the contributions of Thomas Retornaz, thanks indeed !).

For more information:

And if you want some refreshers about the involved mathematical concepts, you can start with:

(Image of Shiva's satue by Indianhilbilly: Bangalore Shiva)