publication (noun): The act of publishing printed or other matter

A quick post to celebrate the online availability of my PhD thesis ! Whatever its (lame) scientific significance, this will remain the very first book I've ever written, and, what's more one that took me 3 years of hard work to gather its content. After waiting 3 more years for it to come out the "confidential" closet in which it had been put, this is afterall a nice occasion to rejoice. Hail the beast: Modelisation and prediction of the topography of flat carbon steel[fr] (abstract in english) And while we're at it some more details about my past crimes are also available on my former lab's website. For the celebration to be even more special I've also made available online a description of an image correction technique I've developed during my PhD. Half-way between research work ((because the purpose was to find a problem that has proved difficult to solve with modern techniques and still had no solution at the time)) and an engineering work ((because  it worked (sorry :) ) the solution consisted in a tiny piece of heuristics wrapped around some well-known and old-school mathematical tools)) this technique hardly found any place for publication in scientific reviews. So, I decided to give it its chance by setting it free in the wild territory of reproducible research. That's why, at the other end of the following link you'll find not only  detailed explanations about the techniques, not only examples of its application on real life images but also and above all (Python) scripts making it possible to test it on just about any image: Polynomial Form Correction with Autocorrelation