fabric: a good assistant for the development of WaterOnMars

wom-logo-128Despite spending currently more time using my WaterOnMars feed reader than developing it, I'm still making small improvements to it. And to make my life easier I could count on a solid little project: fabric !

fabric is a Python based command-line utility designed to help running commands remotely: typically to deploy a web app on a remote server.

So I'm using it to deploy WaterOnMars on my personal server and also to deploy the demo version on heroku. But more recently I added fabric's configuration file (the "fabfile") to the sources of the project as an officially maintained helper for development tasks ((well I didn't think of it in such a formal way obviously)). It's now usable to run the test suite, to launch the web app locally, to set-up the db and to deploy it on custom servers.

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1 month already

It's been 1 month already that ze're getting to know eachother.

  Music maestro, please !

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