Bright side of an exploit ?

So, my website ( has been recently hacked... No apparent effect but a bunch of undercover redirections and a load of php one-liners to "do stuff" with cookies.

Apparently I'm not the only one to have suffered from this and everyting comes from a security hole in zenphoto (that I use to manage my photo gallery).

The bright side of things:

  • it's a good incentive to think a bit more about the security of my website and its data
  • it's a good reminder to suscribe to the right rss feed for zenphoto (the former has suddently changed, without me paying attention)
  • it's a good criteria to clean-up useless plugins (goodbye wp-security-scan that brillantly failed to detect anything)
  • it's a good time to thank Dreamhost's team that answered my question pretty quickly
  • it's the perfect occasion for you, dear visitors, to clean up your browser's cookies (because the aim of the exploit is not clear, but visitor's cookies clearly seemed to be involved).

Academic Genealogy

Since genealogy is trendy and the weather on Paris is a bit gloomy I played a little with the Mathematics Genealogy Project.

The aim of this project is to trace back the scientific lineage of "all" mathematicians throughout history. The main link considered is the "student - advisor" relationship, though sometimes looser relations are taken into account like "student - professor" (for mere lectures or mail correspondence, even when a PhD or a specific degree is not at stake) or even brotherhood (as for the Bernoulli brothers -- Jacob and Johann -  who actually worked hand in hand during their studies)

Here, I tried to follow my scientific legacy starting with my PhD advisor Dominque Jeulin, his own advisor Jean Serra, himself having had Georges Matheron as advisor, and so on...

Academic Lineage

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