Theme update: 'serious blue tlog 3.0'

I've just made a major update to the tlog's theme. The theme is now built as a "child theme" of the toolbox theme, which spares me the burden of maintaining a lot of code since there is now hardly anything else to play with than the CSS file. What's more, this 'toolbox' theme leverages the new features of HTML5, so that the tlog is now cutting-edge (at least on the technology side) This has also been the occasion to change quite a few visual details by playing a little more with rounded borders and small shadows, time will tell if it's an actual improvement... The theme can be downloaded here in its latest version. Some resources on the same subject:

  • The very famous extension Firebug, is still incredibly useful to play with themes without having to upload any file nor to reload any page in your browser.
  • Good to know: the toolbox theme is not provided with the translation files (the .po and .mo that ought to be in the 'languages' folder) but it seems that the translation files for the TwentyTen default theme are compatible (and translated versions of TwnetyTen can be found via the codex).
  • More information on 'why using HTML5 for a blog' in an article from Smashing Magazine.

Les animaux de la ferme

Spécialement pour ma p'tite cousine, en souvenir de son voyage express sur panam (Je ne dénoncerai pas l'auteure de cette blague, quoiqu'à se dorer la pilule sous les tropiques elle le mériterait peut-être :P )

From the general to the particular: plug several RSS feeds into a Facebook wall

The setting

By conviction and also because it's just common sense IMHO,  I refrain from storing too much content (text, photo, code) directly into sites like Facebook (and as some would say "corporate silos") that tend to consider their user's data as their own a bit too easily. More precisely, the best way to store ones data remains one's own computer (with a tad of backup that is) and that's the main way I store my photos and code. For data a bit more "endemic" to the Internet (blog posts and selection of photos to be shown), I'm using "free" services built on free software and using open protocols that make it easier to connect several of them together. In this matter, Wordpress, zenPhoto and are doing a fairly good job for me. Eventually for very specific cases I'm going through proprietary services like Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

The aim

Well, the aim is quite simple at first sight: make it so that the new posts and photos published on my blog or on end up displayed on my Facebook wall.

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