You'll find here links to projects that I find interesting and that I use, along with some scripts and software to be downloaded freely.

My projects

A few random hacks.

Literate Musing

An experiment close to "literate programming": the implementation of a mathematical concept described with a mix of complete (natural language) sentences and working (Python) code. Accessible on a dedicated section of this site.


A graphical application to explore and test on the image of you choice, the effect of various multi-scale analysis tools, like the ominous couple "Fourier transform - auto-correlation", but also the couple "granulometries - morphological opening" and maybe a few more in the future. It's being released under the GPL (v3) and hosted at Sourceforge.


Yapsy (big icon) A library to implement plugin management systems. The purpose of this library is to have as few dependencies as possible, being easy to use in the simplest cases while letting as much freedom as possible to its users if they want to built something complex. Distributed under the BSD license, it is referenced on the Python package index. Its development takes place on GitHub.


MathBench-logo-big A combo shell+Python editor that make it possible to quickly execute and test little bits of code, and write small scripts. It is designed for practical classes for instances when we just need this kind of functionality (and nothing more) or to work on data visualisation (for instance with pylab). Distributed under the BSD license,  it is referenced on the Python package index. The project is hosted by Sourceforge.

Backup Monitor

Icône de Backup Monitor A set of scripts that helps in doing regular data backups. More on this page.

Some of my favorite tools

Some projects are so useful that they deserve a page of their own.


First of course is Nikola, the open source static site generator that I use to publish this blog.


One can do a lot of things with this text editor and especially going crazy if one does not quickly learn to configure it ! Some details about my configuration files are given on this page.


LaTeX is the right tool to write documents with a perfect layout while concentrating only on the content. Some template files for LaTeX documents and themes for Beamer slideshows are made available on this page.

Some more...

Interesting links (software directories and open-source projects):
  • darktable an impressive digital photography software.
  • Inkscape : a very handy vectorial drawing software
  • WordPress that powered my first steps in blogging, a long time ago. It's very handy and distributed under the GPL, only good stuff then :) More links about his and also about the current theme on  this page.
  • Ubuntu : well... ubuntu... It's a handy way to point at all the wonderful open-source projects available from an Ubuntu desktop.
  • Framasoft (fr): a software directory for open-source projects
  • OpenHub profile for Thibauld Nion a list of softwares to which I contribute or that I use.