Long overdue release of Yapsy

TL;DR: Yapsy v1.12 has been released with fixes for Python3.6 and multiprocessing on windows. So, after 3 years sleeping busy with a fair bit of work and family duties joyful activities, I eventually got some time to actually release Yapsy – the fat-free DIY python plugin management toolkit. There was a fair bit of contributions (compared to the modest size of the project), that I'm sorry not to have released earlier but which bring some nice polishing to yapsy. The most prominent news I think is a better compatibility with modern Python (esp. 3.6) and the resolution of a nasty bug that made the instantiation of plugins in their own (sub)processes (with the Multiprocessing Plugin Manager) impossible on Windows (changelog below). Changelog:
  • fix yapsy on python3.6
  • Make the test more robust to "unusual" unpacking of the module (see: https://sourceforge.net/p/yapsy/bugs/32/)
  • Protect against providing a single string to setPluginPlaces (see: https://sourceforge.net/p/yapsy/bugs/38/)
  • Enforce the exact directory list provided at construction time (see: https://sourceforge.net/p/yapsy/bugs/36/)
  • Make multiprocess plugin work on windows too ! (see: https://sourceforge.net/p/yapsy/bugs/33/)
  • add a filter-based getter selecting plugins on plugininfo properties (see: https://sourceforge.net/p/yapsy/feature-requests/16/)
  • Add callback_after argument to the LoadPlugins method in PluginManager (contrib https://sourceforge.net/p/yapsy/feature-requests/9/)
  • Rejecting a candidate should not be a warning (contrib Guillaume Binet: https://github.com/tibonihoo/yapsy/pull/7)
  • fix PluginFileLocator __init__ should assignment of plugin_info_cls (contrib Xuecheng Zhang: https://github.com/tibonihoo/yapsy/pull/8)
Now for what's coming next:
  • in case it's not done yet, please consider freezing the version of yapsy you depend on, because if I have time to do anything useful for it, it may very well be incompatible with Python2 and/or include a deep refactoring
  • if you have any interest or motivation for the future of yapsy, feel free to contact me !