Yapsy-1.10 release

Another release of yapsy, my little do-it-yourself plugin library, just before the end of the year, and maybe also the end of the world ;)

This year has brought even more ideas and important features to yapsy via user contributions and stackoverflow questions than previously.

The details of all changes can be found in the release note on sourceforge, but I'd like here to give again all my thanks to this year's main contributors:

  • Mathieu Havel
  • Mathieu Clabaut
  • Mark Fickett
I'm also proud to say that this year, yapsy has been adopted by the following renown project:
  • Nikola, the static blog generator that I heard of on planet Python long before being contacted by its author about yapsy
  • err chatbot who has had its own FLOSS Weekly episode not so long ago
A more complete list of project using yapsy is available on the online documentation. Seeing this small piece of code being adopted by other projects in the wild is a great motivation to maintain it and to make sure it is still relevant !