Backup Monitor: automatic data backup

Icône de Backup Monitor I've just written a short presentation of a set of scripts that I've been using for some time now, and which makes it easy for me to do regular data backups. The whole lot is now fairly easy to install and customize. The project's page is here. There are always more applications that help in doing regular backups and even if Backup Monitor is quite extensible, it is certainly not the most generic nor the most complete solution. However it works for me :) and it was the occasion to experiment with some interesting aspect of application development for Linux desktops:
  • how to use "xdg" specifications like xdg-users-dir with the "user" install that should be done in ~/.local, configurations in ~/.config and the definition of folders like Documents, Pictures etc by environment variables that adapt to the user's language.
  • how to handle internationalisation with gettext
  • how to install your own icons with xdg-icon-resource
  • how to make your application start at each new session (put a .desktop file in ~/.autostart)