The "paper" effect

There's a strange pattern appearing in the number of visits on my blog, that does not seem to be linked with my posts. It can be seen in the image below -- where I've voluntarily removed the scale for the (pathetic) number of views. Suffices to say that the highest point is a 10x jump in visitors (( which sums up to not that much actually:) )). L'effet "papier" By checking what are  the pages viewed in such occasions, I've realized that it's mostly all about my LaTeX page ((which, now I think of it, is still not translated to english :S )). So, my nice visitors are very likely to be writing scientific papers, report or visual presentation ((and most probably not doing so in english...)) at those times. But a mystery remains as I'm still unable to explain the full pattern: the jumps seem to be regularly set. The red ones are on tuesday/wednesday (is that a late student I see working on his presentation until wednesday morning when he/she has to defend his/her project ?) and the orange ones are on tuesday/friday (a paper to submit on friday I guess... and f**king late as far as I can tell)... Anyway, for those of you who are struggling to get your papers perfect, don't forget the awesome advices from PhDComics: Conseil pour respecter les consignes de mise en page