Gimp recherche des développeurs

Certains plugins de Gimp sont orphelin (ou sur le point de l'être) et le projet recherche des développeurs si vous êtes susceptibles d'aider lisez l'annonce ci-dessous. (je relaie le message posté sur le blog MeetTheGimp que je re-recommande d'ailleurs vivement à qui est intéressé par la photo et/ou Gimp)

For the very cool Gimp Colorize Plugin Christopher Lais is looking for a new maintainer. Don't let this die. The same is about the quite good GREYCstoration plugin, volunteers wanted to improve the code of the current GIMP plug-in and implement features of the commandline version. The third is the JPG2000 plugin, since the GSoC project nothing happens and nobody has seen this working in Gimp on Linux. So new developers are needed to improve existing plugins and move them to Gimp 2.4 and later to 2.6. Anybody reading this could help finding the new maintainers and developers. Post this on your blog and your related boards! If one of your friends could do this ask him!